Government & Community

Our mission as a regional solid waste management district is to share with our communities the knowledge and technical assistance to help them provide environmentally responsible waste services to their citizens. Educational and technical assistance services are available to local government and community groups in the following areas:

  • Proper Disposal Practices: Rural areas have special challenges in enforcing solid waste management regulations. The District Educator is available to answer specific questions about recycling and solid waste disposal. The District Educator also maintains a database of public and private waste haulers, recycling centers, and electronic waste drop-off locations to answer caller questions and direct them to the nearest facility to meet their needs. The White River District offers a free brochure entitled, "Burning Your Trash?" to assist local government in educating its citizens in rural areas. Contact us to request free copies of this brochure.
  • Controlling Litter and Illegal Dumping: Litter is not just an environmental issue. It is a community and economic development issue as well. A litter strewn community leaves a negative impression on tourists, potential home buyers, and potential business and industry when they are considering relocating in a community.


The DReport Litteringistrict staff partners with local government, law enforcement, area wildlife officers, and Keep Arkansas Beautiful in an effort to report, reduce and control littering and illegal dumping.

To assist local leaders and educate citizens about litter and illegal dumping laws and issues, The White River District offers a free educational brochure "Help Keep Your Community Litter Free – A Community Guide to Controlling Litter and Illegal Dumping."  You can request free copies of this by contacting us.

To learn more about littering issues in Arkansas and about the benefits of Keep Arkansas Beautiful membership, visit