Recycling is Easy

Recycling is easy! Here’s how to get started…

Set aside an area in your home to collect the items listed on this page. A home collection center can be as simple as a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag or open plastic bags. Keep paper items in a separate bag since they must be kept dry.

Contact your area recycling center for a drop-off recycling location near you. Make a plan to drop items off whenever you are near that location.

Recycle the following items:


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Phone Books
  • Junk Mail - If mailed in plastic sleeve, remove from plastic.
  • Office and School Papers
  • No construction or dark paper
  • No contaminants (glue, gum, etc.)
  • Keep paper dry - Wet paper cannot be recycled - it will be thrown away

Plastic Bottles

Look for the triangle with “1” or “2” on the bottom of the bottle.

Includes the following items:

  • Clear and colored beverage bottles
  • Milk and juice jugs
  • Ketchep, mayonnaise bottles, etc.
  • Liquid soap & detergent bottles
  • Lotion, & shampoo bottles, etc.
  • Plastic coffee containers

Remove lid, empty remaining contents and rinse clean. Do not replace lid.

  • No butter or whipped topping lids or containers — It must have a neck to be a bottle!
  • No auto fluid, pesticide or herbicide bottles!

Aluminum & Tin Cans

  • Household beverage and food cans.
  • Empty contents and rinse clean. Metal lids can be dropped into the opened can.
  • Labels do not need to be removed.
  • No gas cans, wet paint cans or aerosol cans.

Cardboard & Box Board

  • Flattened cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, cereal, dry food and shoe boxes, etc.
  • No waxed, frozen food or beverage cartons.
  • Cardboard can be taken wet or dry!

Where to recycle other items:

  • Plastic Bags — Take them back to major chains—Wal-Mart, Kroger, JCPenney. Use as can liners or to sack recyclables.

  • Rechargeable Batteries — Electronics stores like Radio Shack, Staples, Wal-Mart usually accept these.

  • Used Motor Oil — Return it where you got it—Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, O-Reilly’s, & Wal-Mart all accept oil.

  • Fluorescent Lights — Contact area lighting and electrical stores. Buy from stores that will recycle your old tubes and lamps.

  • Computers & TVs — Contact your recycling center, or White River RSWD