5-E Resource Conservation: E-Waste - Grades 11-12:

Handouts and Text  -  5-E Resource Conservation: E-Waste - Grades 11-12:                            

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Handouts and Materials for Writing:      

4a: Close Reading Worksheet                  4b: Modified Mini Essay           

4c: Argumentative Paper Format 1           4d: Argumentative Paper Format 2   

4e: Argument Organizer 3                          4f: Argument Rubric

4g: LDC Argumentation Rubric                 4h: Rubistar Rubric

4i: Drafting Counterclaims                         4j: Signal Phrases  Work Sheet

4k: Signal Phrases Study Sheet               4l: APA Cheat Sheet (Kent State University)

Samples of First Draft Papers:

(Sample 1)  (Sample 2)